Secure Shredding Services:


Classified Scanning & Shredding has a range of document destruction services to meet your daily or occasional need to safely dispose of your confidential information. Whether a one-time clean-out or regularly scheduled container service – or even something in between — we will handle your important documents with the professional care they deserve.

Regularly Scheduled Container Service

We will place secure collection containers at your location and schedule regular pick-ups at 1-, 2-, 4-, 8- or 12-week intervals. Containers are a light office gray and locked for optimal security. Learn More >

One-Time Purge Service

Our shredding purge services are perfect for one-time, quarterly, bi-yearly or annual clean-outs of files or records. We will pick-up boxes at your convenience and bring them back to our secure facility for shredding. We can also supply secure collection containers at no additional cost. Simply fill them and then call us when you're ready for pick-up.

Residential Service

We extend our shredding services to small home office businesses and residential clients. We will pick-up boxes from your location and bring them back to our secure facility for shredding. Or, for even greater savings, check out our Customer Drop-Off Service below.

Customer Drop-Off Service

Simply bring your sensitive materials to our location and we'll do the rest! Our employees will even help you unload your vehicle. No need to remove staples, paper clips or hanging file folders. We offer two daily time slots for customer drop-offs — ask us for details. For security reasons, this service is available by appointment only.

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